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The Big Lake Area Sanitary District is located within Perch Lake Township, Sawyer Township, and inside the boundaries of the Fond du Lac Indian Reservation. Currently wastewater treatment within the Sanitary District consists of individual on-site systems for each home or business, including conventional systems (septic tank with drain field or holding tank), mound systems, or privies. Studies completed by Indian Health Services on tribal properties indicate that many of these existing systems are failing or “non-compliant”. An Individual Sewage Treatment System Compliance Inspection Report on non-tribal property also indicates many of the systems are non-compliant.

The Big Lake area is currently experiencing wastewater disposal problems common to many un-sewered lake communities in northern Minnesota including:
Failing older on-site septic systems.
Insufficient room for replacement systems.
Lack of funding for a community wastewater system.
Potential restrictions on development due to a lack of suitable disposal sites.

The Big Lake Area Sanitary District was officially formed in January 2007. The district acts as a single entity for wastewater collection and treatment service. The Big Lake Area Sanitary District has formalized a joint powers agreement between the District and the Fond du Lac Reservation. This agreement allows for representation of both entities on a joint five-member sewer district board. Two members from the board represent the Fond du Lac Reservation and three members the non-tribal entities. The goal of the board is to protect both tribal and non-tribal interests with regards to the wastewater treatment within the District.

The Big Lake Area Sanitary District and the Fond du Lac Reservation Environmental Program, as well as the Big Lake Improvement Association, are aware that the wastewater disposal issues have grown sufficiently and this heightens the completion of a Wastewater Treatment Plant.

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